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According to An October 2004 Survey from AC Nielson the "average American household has approximately $2200 in unused items." Your items currently collecting dust could be worth serious cash. You may not realize it, but your outdated cell phones, laptops, cameras, handbags, and more may be worth big money online. We can sell it for you and get top dollar.

Unlike normal auctions, we will carefully handle your items and present them in the best light to get you the top selling price. And unlike our competitors at the national chain drop-offs, we keep our fees reasonable, our service personal, and our shipping charges low.

We will market your product worldwide to over 140 million potential customers. We will also market your listings locally on Delmarva. Through careful research, the use of proprietary software, extensive photography, and tested listing techniques, we will get you the best bid for your item.  You just drop it off ( or we can pick it up) and we do the rest, including answering all questions, handling all listings and photography, and professionally packing and shipping the items for sale.  We deal with the customer, collect payment, and cut you a check. Compare our Registered Trading Assistant services with what you get from our typical competitors.

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Delmarva Deals -Your Local Trading Assistants

 Our Typical Franchise Competitors


18% Commission plus eBay listing fees As High as 38% plus eBay and Extra 2.9% Fee

Minimum Value

We Handle Items with eBay Value of $50 or more Item must have $75 Minimum Value

Minimum Fee

Our Minimum Fee is $5  $19.99 Minimum Fee if item sells or not


Free pick-up in local area. Drop-off also available Must Drop Off, Will Not Pick-up items
Shipping We use the shipping service that is most appropriate for the size and type of item USPS, FedEX, UPS. We also keep our shipping and handling costs low to encourage bidders to bid top dollar. We make money by getting you top dollar for you item, not by selling boxes.. Uses only one type of Ground Shipper, resulting in very high prices for small and light items. Cost $10+ for items typically costing $3-4 to ship. This discourages bidding


Featured Listing on Delmarva Auctions

We help your item sell for top dollar by using research and our software to determine the best description, best starting bid, and best starting time.

100% eBay Satisfaction Rating


Additional Services w/ $19.99 Prepayment:

$19.99 Charge for opening bid more than $1.

*Fees and Services used for Comparison Purposes Only and based on current advertising materials

If you would like to use our service, Please Call Nino at (410) 726-9401 or use our feedback form by clicking the following link:

 "Sell My Items for Me."

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