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We are Registered Trading Assistants for eBay. This means we are fully qualified to list your items and handle the entire transaction from start to finish. We research your items, take many quality photographs, and use our experience and marketing skills to get your listings the best exposure possible. During the listing, we answer all questions from prospective buyers. When your item sells, we collect the payment, carefully pack your items, and ship the order to the buyer. When the transaction is complete, we send you a check. With a 100% Satisfaction Rating from our customers, we have established a reputation on eBay for our fast shipping and courteous service. You Could sell for yourself on eBay, but with our service we can Save You Time AND Make You More Money! To Find out More Information, Including Why You Should NOT: Use Auction Houses, Sell at Yard Sales, Sell on eBay Yourself, or use a "Drop-off" Franchise:

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